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DOG CATCHER by J.P. SOARS – August 12, 2018

Since starting his recording career as a blues artist with the critically-acclaimed 2008 CD Back of My Mind, guitarist and vocalist JP Soars has channeled uncommon influences into a signature sound. Anyone could simply list revered blues artists like Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim, jazz guitar giants like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, and uncompromising rock acts like Black Sabbath and Slayer, but Soars has lived the diversity-cutting his teeth touring and recording with South Florida metal bands, and learning…

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Excuse Me by Cocktail Slippers – JULY 21, 2018

“Coolest Conversations” can be heard every Friday on the Mighty Manfred program. It’s that series of interviews with artists who have earned themselves a “Coolest Song In The World” designation. This week, Manfred’s guest is Rocket Queen from the Cocktail Slippers. A longtime favorite here on SiriusXM 21, those intoxicating Nordic nymphs are back with a brand new single “Excuse Me” available from Wicked Cool Records. Of course, it’s this week’s COOLEST SONG...
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