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Steven Vanzandt

Steven Van Zandt's first rock n roll memory goes back to childhood hearing The Coaster's "Yakety Yak" on the jukebox echoing throughout summer day camp.  He recalls being exposed to Elvis while his grandmother danced around the living room doing housework.  He never really associated the records with the artists, until he saw the Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. "It all began with the Beatles. It literally was like they dropped in from another planet," he says. For…

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Steven Van Zandt

Steven Van Zandt recalls his early exposure to music with radio, TV, and magazines.   "Once rock & roll was recognized as an art form it started to receive serious attention and get serious criticism and serious journalism came with it," Steven says. Magazines like Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone, Creem and Rock Scene were extremely important to him.  "We couldn't wait for that next issue.  We read every single word of it."   

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