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Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath had just released Vol. 4, which featured hits “Snowblind”, “Changes”, and “Tomorrow’s Dream”. Even after having released four studio albums, the band still dealt with negative connotations surrounding their name. It was often assumed that because of the name; Black Sabbath, the band partook in black magic. “So the Rolling Stones got something to do with landslides,” Ozzy Osbourne wittily remarks on the subject of band names being taken literally. “A name is whatever you want to interpret it…

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Geezer Butler

Before becoming a bass player, Geezer Butler started on a two-string-guitar. He played it for two years before he realized that if you put your finger on the fret of the string you're playing, it makes a different sound. He eventually graduated to a six string guitar and started learning Beatles, Kinks and Rolling Stones songs. He formed a band and started playing out. Everywhere they played, they only played once because they were so terrible. Disillusioned, the singer left…

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