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Bands In The Scene

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Glam Skanks

Veronica Witkin and Millie Chan from the Glam Skanks talks about their ROCK SCENE Veronica Witkin, Millie Chan, Vanessa McNiel and Jessica Goodwin of the Glam Skanks  Getting ready for the big show The girls striking a pose after soundcheck…

Thom Hazaert & David Ellefson talk about new book and LP SLEEPING GIANTS

David Ellefson from MEGADETH talking about his ROCK SCENE David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation David Ellefson of Megadeth performs with his band SLEEPING GIANTS – July 7, 2019 Thom Hazaert on vocals with David Ellefson from MEGADETH from  SLEEPING GIANTS…

Jamie Ross and John Ostronomy from LIKE IT

The year was 1994, New York City Club Scene was Thriving! We go to Webster Hall for the band “LIKE IT” with Jamie Ross. Check out more on the band LIKE IT

Broken Past

  Broken Past performs at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ opening up for Geoff  Tate on June 26, 2019. Tony Rodriguez, bass player for Broken Past sitting backstage with Frank Acee on Vocals before taking the stage, talking to ROCK…

Nalani & Sarina

Nalani and Sarina talk about there Rock Scene growing up. Twin sisters Nalani and Sarina got their musical start playing classical piano. Later on, their mom taught them a song on ukulele, which sparked their interest in the guitar. They…

Prima Donna

PRIMA DONNA is: Kevin Preston – vocals and guitar; David S. Field — drums and percussion; Aaron Minton— keyboards, saxophone and vocals; Lights Out Levine — bass and vocals Kyler Tyler Preston singer in Prima Donna talks about his rock scene. ‘Press Your Luck’ from the 2018  album…

Leaving Eden

Eve from Leaving Eden Boston MA USA talks about how she started, her influences and where she’s been.  Directed by Mark Weiss. Leaving Eden and Mark Weiss get together with his Rock Scene Magazine. Eve; “Lot’s of people think touring…

Ozzy Osbourne at Ameoba Records signing for “Ordinary Man” new release- February 21, 2020


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