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Steven Van Zandt

Steven Van Zandt recalls his early exposure to music with radio, TV, and magazines.   "Once rock & roll was recognized as an art form it started to receive serious attention and get serious criticism and serious journalism came with it," Steven says. Magazines like Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone, Creem and Rock Scene were extremely important to him.  "We couldn't wait for that next issue.  We read every single word of it."   

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Bebe Buel

Bebe Buell looks through the second issue of Rock Scene Magazine, published in May of 1973, featuring Ray Davies of The Kinks on the front cover. The magazine includes articles on Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren, Roxy Music, & many more. Bebe credits magazines for being a big inspiration for many kids today who pride themselves on knowledge of the music and pop culture of the 70’s. “We had a lot of choices in great magazines back then. Everybody read all…

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Joe Perry

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry reads through the third issue of Rock Scene Magazine, originally published in July of 1973. The magazine features his future Hollywood Vampires band mate, Alice Cooper on the front cover. Joe reflects on the days before the internet where magazines were the place for people to read up on all their favorite music. “If they could get one copy for a town, just about everybody who was into rock and roll would get a hold of…

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