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Rest in Peace Jimmy Webb Sadly died today April 14,2020 “Rock and Roll is in my heart”

My Rock Scene is in the streets of New York. I just live Rock & Roll..Rock and Roll is in my heart, it’s in my spirit it’s forever it always it was there probably since the day I was born you know then we just come to New York where it’s all happening and it’s just so real and authentic . Whether you’re dancing at Studio 54 or being at CBGB’s it’s just there the spirit of rock and roll’s in the soul. Whether it’s right out here in st. Mark’s Place buying a pair of tight pants and trash and vaudeville in 1975 or selling them in 2010. I can talk about nightclubbing when I was 17 and getting dressed to go to studio 54 a punk rock boy they would wave right in. I can talk about what it was like to be laying under Iggy nearly naked last week last Friday night at Don Hills covered in spit sweat and water and whatever other fluids were on that floor. I think Michael Monroe wins best hair I just got to meet him he was in here somehow we just never met in the day in the streets of New York or maybe we danced together I just don’t remember I don’t know I’m Michael Monroe best hair and I think hair is just hair I’ve had the same hair since 1975 I’m not someone that copies hair or does hair I kind of get when I went to see Michael Monroe I kind of left because everyone had his hair, so the best hair is when it’s your own hair whatever’s inside just comes out. Dirty hair I love dirt hair, I know who’s got awesome air Debbie fuckin’ Harry , fuckin roots and blonde fuckin’ that’s this shit some good old hooker hair on a hot blonde is awesome metal hair I don’t know Michael Monroe had amazing hair and everyone from Cinderella to Stryper they were here too, to like Motley Crue yeah it’s like you know hairs hair / I love slashes hair and he still got the same hair he’s the shit. I think certain ones are a part of the history of culture of rock and roll. Everyone adds a little hopefully you leave Earth hoping you added a little we didn’t add a little there’s a lot of flashes in the pans but it’s not me to judge use a flash in the pan like I’ve been the stores been here 35 years I work here and I mean I’ve had the same hair since 1975. I shaved it bald a few times but shave that shit right off. I’m Jimmy from Trash and Vaudeville thanks for listening right here come back”.JIMMY WEBB

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