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Jason Hook of 5 Finger Death Punch

Jason Hook was born and grew up in Canada. His mother enrolled him in piano lessons at 6 years old. It didn’t take long until he knew the piano wasn’t for him. So he asked his mother if he could take guitar lessons instead. His father bought him an imitation Les Paul from Sears and Jason started playing guitar. A neighbor was forced to part with a few Kiss records and gifted them to Jason. He would listen to them while looking at the covers and decided that he wanted to be Kiss. He asked his father to buy him a bass and a drum kit so he could start forming bands which he did throughout his school years. After graduating high school, he started sneaking into bars which led to the desire to start a bar band. It didn’t take long before that band was formed and signed to Electra records. To his dismay, shortly after they were dropped by the label, leaving him to make a big decision. He would either have to get a “real” job or move to L.A. to give music another shot. With a couple hundred bucks, he dead-headed from Canada to L.A. where he had one friend. He crashed on his friend’s couch and began playing guitar with everyone and anyone he could. It was with one of those bands where he met Jeremy Spencer. The two of them knew they wanted to be in a band together. But after several projects, decided to do their own things. Jason began playing with Alice Cooper and Vince Neil while Jeremy answered an ad and began writing songs with Zoltan Bathroy and formed Five Finger Death Punch. While 5 F.D.P. were about to record their second album, Jason joined them and the recorded the Platinum selling “War is the Answer”.

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