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Scott Holiday of Rival Sons

Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday talks about his musical beginnings and the difficulties he faced working in the music industry. In the mid 2000’s, Scott started working with drummer Mike Miley, and while looking for a singer, Scott discovered vocalist Jay Buchanan online. Scott thought Jay would be the perfect fit for the band, and told Miley about him. Miley coincidentally was already good friends with Jay.  Scott met up with Jay to talk about his mission; to create genuine rock & roll music. “It’s gotta have a lot of blues; a lot of soul.” Scott says. “It was really difficult to find guys that were actually from this folk, blues, soul era. Kind of like the old days.” 
They recruited Jay to join the band, and Rival Sons was born. Rival Sons performed at the Classic Rock Awards in 2014, and immediately after the show were personally invited by Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne to open for Black Sabbath on their final world tour. The band signed to Atlantic Records in 2017. 

Go to Rival Sons for tour dates and the latest info on the band. Also check out their latest release HALLOW BONES.

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