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Rest in Peace Jimmy Webb Sadly died today April 14,2020 “Rock and Roll is in my heart”

"My Rock Scene is in the streets of New York. I just live Rock & Roll..Rock and Roll is in my heart, it’s in my spirit it’s forever it always it was there probably since the day I was born you know then we just come to New York where it’s all happening and it’s just so real and authentic . Whether you’re dancing at Studio 54 or being at CBGB’s it’s just there the spirit of rock and roll’s…

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Rockit Academy pays tribute to John Lennon in memory of his life – Born on October 9, 1940

 Celebrating the birthday of John Lennon each year on Q104.3 FM Breakfast With The Beatles. The Rockit Academy was invited to perform live on air at The Cutting Room NYC  October 7, 2017. Hosts, Ken Dashow, Steven Van Zandt and Mark Rivera Legendary  radio DJ, Ken Dashow talks about the Rockit Academy " Bruce Gallapani is putting this together its non profit and its scholarships for live music education. I love anything that gets kids playing music with instruments and…

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