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New York Dolls – “Bad Girls”

FASHIONS – MAKING THE MAN There are some stars who help keep alive the myth that clothes make the man. Stars like Marc Bolan, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton,, and all the various members of the Dolls. All of these artists perform in outfits of unparalleled brilliance so, in addition to their musical greatness, they all get a A+ for their sartorial splendor. Go to (page 63) in this months ROCK SCENE for the complete story.

The New York Dolls perform the song ‘Bad Girl’ off of their 1973 self-titled debut album. While the record did not initially receive the attention it deserved, it played a huge influence on the 1970’s punk rock scene and is now looked back at as one of the greatest debut rock records of all time.   (YouTube)

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