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David Bowie – Behind the Scenes

David Bowie prepares to take the stage in May of 1973.  His 1973 Ziggy Stardust Tour promoted the albums The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Aladdin Sane. The setlist from this tour prominently featured songs from these two albums, among others. David candidly speaks “Most of the reasons that I do what I do is ‘cause I like startling people. It’s something to do. England has a marvelous habit of being able to dissipate everything through this marvelous media, and long hair quickly got dissipated. I used to be able to stop traffic quite easily by just walking down the street just because I had long hair. This is my life really; writing or performing. There’s not much else I want. It’s the biggest kick I know. I know there’s drugs and you get a different kind of buzz off those, but stages, there’s something else, it’s partaking of people. I’m very much a character when I go on stage. I believe in my part all the way down the line. That’s part of what Bowie’s supposedly all about.” (YouTube)

ALL ABOUT DAVID Go to page (page 12) and read about David as he appears on the first cover on ROCK SCENE magazine.

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