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Alice Cooper “I Love the Dead”

Alice Cooper performs ‘I Love The Dead’ from their 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies. This was the band’s sixth record, and it was their best selling one yet. Their stage show was unlike any other. To this day, when played live, the song features the decapitation of Alice, via guillotine. The film Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper, documented and featured live footage from different stops on the tour.   (YouTube)

ALICE NEVER ORDINARY  “My parents really like this whole thing though; my mom made me these black leather pants that I wore onstage…I like the mystery of people not knowing my real name….also I like to keep my dad out of the news since he’s a minister. Can you imagine, having a minister involved in all this!? He loves it – he thinks it’s great.” Alice Cooper  More from interview by Lisa Robinson along side photos by Bob Gruen and Wayne Rogers. Go to (page 48)  and check it out  in this months issue or ROCK SCENE magazine.


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