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Cherry Vanilla interviews David Bowie

Rock Groupie Cherry Vanilla interviews David Bowie in 1973
“It’s kind of sweet, because you can hear how young and shy we are..” Cherry Vanilla

CV – Do you feel removed from the body and the feel that you create on the planet?
DB – Until I’m performing or writing I mainly feel pretty much like an empty vessel. I don’t particulary feel…..Period.
CV – Some people feel by saying you’re bi-sexual your kind of flaunting that in a way.
DB – Who’s flaunting that?
CV: You’re very masculine to me.
DB – Well I am a stud.
CV – What about when you’re making love, do you feel real then?
DB – Ever seen any flying saucers?   (YouTube)

ALL ABOUT DAVID Go to page (page 12) and read about David as he appears on the first cover on ROCK SCENE magazine.

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