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Russell Harty interviews David Bowie

David Bowie talks to Russell Harty

RH – What does David Bowie think about David Bowie?
DB – I find that I’m a person who can take on the guises of different people that I meet.  I can switch accents in seconds of meeting somebody and I can adopt their accent.  I’ve always found that I collect, Im a collector.  I’ve always just seemed to collect personalities, ideas, I have a hodge-podge philosophy which really is very minimal.
RH – Do you believe in God?
DB – I believe in a energy form, I wouldn’t like to put a name to it.
RH – Do you induldge in any kind of worship?
DB: Life, I love life very much indeed.   (YouTube)

ALL ABOUT DAVID Go to page (page 12) and read about David as he appears on the first cover on ROCK SCENE magazine.

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